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MD126 Slimline Panoramic Sliding Door


● Max weight: 800kg | W ≤ 2500 | H ≤ 5000

● Glass thickness: 32mm

● Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …

● Weight>400kg will use solid stainless steel rail


● Slim Interlock                                                                             ● Minimalist Handle

● Multiple & Unlimited Tracks                                                     ● Multi-Point Lock

● Motorized & Manual Options                                                    ● Fully Concealed Bottom Track

● Column-Free Corner

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Unique Concealed & Barrier-Free Bottom Track

2 Tracks:

3 door sliding

3 Tracks & Unlimited Track:

4 (2)




4 4 panel sliding glass door - 副本

a visual delight that minimizes sightlines and maximizes transparency.
This design choice allows for unobstructed panoramic views,
creating a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Slim Interlock



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5 exterior sliding glass doors修改

MD126 Slimline Panoramic Sliding Door introduces

a revolution in flexibility with multiple and unlimited tracks.

Choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or more tracks to customize the door's configuration

based on your preferences and spatial requirements.

Multiple & Unlimited Tracks



8 sliding doors interior

Catering to diverse lifestyles.

Whether you prefer the convenience of automation
or the tactile experience of manual operation,
this door adapts to your preferences.

Motorized & Manual Options



9  french sliding doors

a column-free corner design, expanding the possibilities
of architectural aesthetics.

This feature allows for uninterrupted panoramic views
and creates a sense of openness, making your living
space feel expansive and inviting.

Column-Free Corner



问题8-1 拷贝

Minimalist lock designed to seamlessly blend with the door's
aesthetics, this lock not only enhances security but also adds a
touch of modern elegance.

Minimalist Handle



问题8-2 拷贝

Multiple-point lock system ensures that your space
remains safe and secure, providing peace of mind for
you and your loved ones.

Multi-Point Lock




This innovative design choice ensures that the door
maintains a sleek and minimalist appearance while
providing stability and ease of operation.

Fully Concealed Bottom Track


In the realm of architectural innovation, MEDO proudly unveils its latest masterpiece—
the MD126 Slimline Panoramic Sliding Door.
A symphony of minimalism and cutting-edge technology,
this door is designed to transform living spaces into a seamless
blend of elegance and functionality.

A symphony of

13 interior sliding doors

Join us on a captivating journey as we explore the extraordinary features,
technical brilliance, and the myriad benefits that make the MD126 the
epitome of luxury living.

14 patio doors sliding

Beyond the Door: Transformative Benefits and Versatile Applications

Benefits of the MD126 Slimline Panoramic Sliding Door


1. Architectural Elegance: The slim interlock, column-free corner, and fully concealed bottom track  contribute to the door's sleek appearance, elevating the overall architectural elegance of any space.

2. Unobstructed Panoramic Views: The slim interlock and column-free corner design provide unobstructed panoramic views, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly and framing the beauty of the surroundings.

3.Versatile Configurations: With multiple and unlimited tracks, the door offers versatile configurations, allowing residents to customize their living experience according to their preferences and spatial requirements.

4. Enhanced Security: The multiple-point lock system ensures enhanced security, providing peace of mind for homeowners.

5. Convenience of Operation: Whether opting for motorized or manual operation, the MD126 offers convenience tailored to individual preferences.

15 sliding door interior
16 sliding doors exterior
17 sliding door security

Applications Across Spaces

High-End Private Houses: The MD126 is the epitome of luxury living, perfectly suited for highend private residences. Its panoramic design and technological features complement the discerning taste of homeowners seeking sophistication.

Villas: Transform villas into havens of modern elegance with the MD126. Its sleek design and customizable options make it a perfect fit for elevating the architectural grandeur of villa living.

Commercial Ventures: Make a statement in commercial spaces with the MD126. Its cutting-edge design and adaptable configurations cater to high-end retail outlets, offices, and upscale hospitality establishments.

The Global Affinity

The MD126 Slimline Panoramic Sliding Door transcends geographical boundaries, captivating the attention of homeowners, architects, and designers across America, Mexico, the Middle East, and Asia.

Its unique slimline design and durable appearance position it as the preferred choice in diverse markets.

18 patio sliding glass doors

Redefining Panoramic Luxury Living

In conclusion, the MD126 Slimline Panoramic Sliding Door by MEDO is more than just a door—it's an expression of panoramic luxury living.

From its technical brilliance to its transformative features, every aspect of the MD126 is meticulously crafted to redefine the way we experience our living spaces.

Experience the future of architectural elegance. MD126—a doorway to panoramic luxury living.

Welcome to a world where your living space becomes a canvas, framing the beauty of the outdoors with sophistication and style. Elevate your lifestyle with MEDO.

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