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MD210 | 315 Slimline Panoramic Sliding Door


● Max weight: 1000kg | W≥750 | 2000 ≤ H ≤ 5000

● Glass thickness: 38mm

● Flymesh: ss, foldable, rolling


● Hidden Drainage                                                            ● Manual & Motorized Available

● 28mm Slim Interlock                                                     ● Foldable Conceal Fly Screen

● Flush Bottom Track For Easy Cleaning                        ● Motorized Rolling Screen

● Concealed Sash                                                             ● Balustrade

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Panoramic Slimline Sliding Door

With Sash Fully Concealed

3  210推拉门-B

2 Tracks

4 panoramic sliding glass doors

3 Tracks
Option With Fly Mesh




7 panoramic sliding doors cost

Hidden Drainage

Innovation efficiently manages water runoff without

compromising the door's clean and minimalist appearance,

ensuring that your living space remains visually unblemished.


28mm Slim Interlock

Step into a world of unobstructed views with slim interlock.
This design choice minimizes sightlines, allowing you to connect seamlessly with the panoramic vistas outside.

The door becomes a canvas, framing the beauty of your
surroundings with elegance and precision.

9 panoramic sliding patio doors

Flush Bottom Track For Easy Cleaning

Practical luxury meets convenience with flush bottom track.
This innovative feature not only enhances the door's sleek

appearance but also facilitates easy cleaning, ensuring that
maintenance becomes a seamless part of your lifestyle.

10 panoramic sliding door

Concealed Sash

A concealed sash, creating a visual masterpiece that seamlessly

integrates with the frame. This design choice eliminates visible joints , providing a clean and modern aesthetic that defines the essence of
minimalist luxury.

11 panorama sliding doors

Manual & Motorized Available

Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or the convenience of
automation, the door caters to your preferences with both manual and motorized options.

Embrace a lifestyle tailored to your needs, where comfort and
functionality coexist seamlessly.

12 (2)

Foldable Conceal Fly Screen

Experience the epitome of unobstructed enjoyment with foldable conceal fly screen.

This feature, intelligently designed for easy deployment and concealment, ensures that you can savor the outdoors without
compromising on comfort.

13  sliding glass doors exterior

Motorized Rolling Screen

An effortless convenience with its motorized rolling screen. Enjoy the luxury of controlling your environment with the
touch of a button, creating a harmonious indoor-outdoor experience that aligns with the modern pace of life.

14 sliding interior doors


Elevate your space with a touch of opulence through the balustrade option.

This feature not only adds a distinctive architectural element but also enhances safety and visual appeal, making a bold statement in high-end residences and commercial projects.

Transformative Benefits and Versatile Applications

Architectural Elegance

The concealed sash, slim interlock, and hidden drainage contribute to the door's sleek

 and minimalist appearance, elevating the overall architectural elegance of any space.

Uninterrupted Views

The slim interlock and panoramic design provide unobstructed views,

connecting indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly and framing the beauty of the surroundings.

Practical Maintenance

The flush bottom track and easy-cleaning design ensure practical maintenance,

making the door a hassle-free addition to your lifestyle.

Flexibility of Operation

With both manual and motorized options, the door offers flexibility in operation,

allowing residents to tailor their living experience according to their preferences.

15 panoramic sliding doors

Applications Across Spaces

High-End Private Houses

Tailor-made for high-end private residences, where the confluence of luxury and
functionality defines the living experience.

Transform villas into havens of sophistication .
Its panoramic design and opulent features complement the architectural grandeur of villa living.

Commercial Projects
Elevate the ambiance of commercial spaces.
Its sleek design and customizable options make it a perfect fit for high-end retail outlets,
offices, and hospitality establishments.

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Redefining Panoramic Luxury Living

Slimline Panoramic Sliding Door it's a statement of panoramic luxury living.
From its technical brilliance to its transformative features,
every aspect of the door is crafted to redefine the way we experience our
living spaces.
Embrace a lifestyle where architectural elegance meets technological

A Doorway To Panoramic Luxury Living

Welcome to a world where your living space becomes a canvas,
framing the beauty of the outdoors with sophistication and style.
Elevate your lifestyle with MEDO.

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